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Experiencing daily challenges and embarrassment from tooth loss is more common than one might think. So common that more than 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. In the not-so-distant past, people who lost a tooth or multiple teeth had to settle for fixed dental bridges or conventional dentures. If you’re struggling with missing teeth or living with the downsides of conventional dentures, Dr. Daniel Domagala here at Major Dental Clinics offers modern options for replacing teeth that restore your smile all while looking and feeling like your natural teeth. Dental implants are made of titanium – a biocompatible material that fuses with underlying bone – are considered one of the most advanced and comfortable ways to restore your healthy smile. Inserted into the jawbone, dental implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth. Once dental implants fuse together with your jawbone, your dental implants have a unique advantage when it comes to function as they can serve as tooth roots to provide optimal tooth and smile restoration. Dental implants are the most versatile tooth replacement because they can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or a full arch lost to trauma, decay or gum disease. From single implants to removable and fixed implant supported dentures, Dr. Domagala provides a wide range of dental implants to restore not only your smile, but your quality of life!

Dental implants make it possible to live a healthy, confident life with solutions ranging from removable dentures and implant supported dentures in Chicago & Milwaukee to permanently fixed full mouth dental implants.

Comparing Fixed Teeth VS Removable

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, our patients have two options – fixed or removable restorations. While dentures may seem like the most cost-effective and quick fix solution to remedy tooth loss, they do come with downsides. Traditional dentures can fall out, slip and require messy adhesive to stay attached in your mouth. Dentures can also cause gum tissue irritation, trouble eating and speaking and even promote bone recession in your jawbone. Due to these, Dr. Domagala offers our patients with the more modern approach to missing teeth – dental implants and implant supported dentures. Whether you choose a permanent or removable restoration, dental implants are an upgrade that eliminate many of these issues on their own. Removable implant supported dentures in Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI are stabilized by our All-on-4 dental implant process and can restore 60% dental function. While our removable dental implants are a great option for many of our patients, our implant supported dentures can also be permanently placed where they can only be removed by a dental professional. If you’re looking for a permanent fix to missing teeth, we’re proud to offer this “gold standard” solution.

Consisting of a fixed prosthetic bridge of teeth permanently supported by four dental implants, our full mouth dental implants here at Major Dental Clinics help prevent bone recession and undesirable changes to your facial structure. While having the look and function of natural teeth is a sought-after benefit, our dental implants are designed to be long lasting and comfortable. You can enjoy the foods you love all while showing off one beautiful, radiant smile that is just as unique as you are!

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Full Arch Fixed Teeth

Exceptional Doctor, Exceptional Smiles

When making an investment in your oral health, it’s important to choose a professional with experience, advanced training and in-depth knowledge of oral structures. Our implant specialist, Dr. Domagala has not only received advanced training and participates in the continuing education specific to dental implant techniques, he harbors vast expertise placing implants for dentures and denture implants in Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI. Our advanced dental technologies within our state-of-the-art lab include dental implant surgery guided by precision software to help Dr. Domagala place dental implants and permanent dentures with ease for a seamless and predictable surgery. When beginning your smile journey, you will be welcomed with a warm smile and a light, comfortable atmosphere. Our friendly front desk staff will have you fill out new patient forms if you haven’t already and invite you to receive a full patient tour that’s not always offered. From here, our staff will show you to one of our relaxing patient rooms to begin your consultation. This is by far one of the most important steps in your dental implant journey as Dr. Domagala will craft your brand-new smile just from this visit. You will receive a full evaluation from Dr. Domagala that includes digital x-rays right in each patient room. If you’re here for a cleaning, you will be met with a smile from one of our kind dental hygienists who will address any hygiene concerns you may have with ease. If you’re here for something more than a routine cleaning, you can skip this and meet with Dr. Domagala instead.

Our financial coordinator can assist you in applying for dental financing and help you secure a personalized payment plan that fits your budget.

An Investment That Fits Your Budget

Although they come with a higher upfront cost, dental implants are a cost-effective treatment when you consider the provided decades of oral health and happiness, with proper care. While based on your customized treatment plan and possible preliminary treatments, the cost of dental implants, like your smile, is unique to each patient. Fixed full mouth dental implants do cost a bit more than removable implant supported dentures, but both are beneficial for your oral health and built to last a lifetime. Here at Major Dental Clinics, we want everyone to experience a smile they can be proud of at a cost that is attainable. Offering top-rated third-party financing to make your customized treatment plan affordable is our top priority. Come experience high-quality care at a price you can afford.

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