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Advanced Treatment Under One Roof

At Major Dental Clinics, we believe that providing the highest quality dental care is achieved through extensive training and advanced technology. Dr. Daniel Damagala and our dental team remain at the forefront of dental technology and dental training by bringing years of dental experience and cutting-edge technology into every patient appointment from our in-house dental laboratory. In most cases, our team takes a leading role in groundbreaking technological advancements and treatments to help provide exceptional care for every patient from our full mouth dental implant lab.

Benefits of Our In-House Dental Lab

With the exponential progression in dental technology in recent years, we have created our own in-house dental lab in Chicago, IL filled with the most advanced technology such as our intraoral and face scanners, digital workflows, cone-beam computed tomography systems (CBCT) and 3D advanced diagnostics to give you the comfortable, personalized care you expect and deserve.

Our state-of-the-art dental lab allows Dr. Domagala to lead minimally invasive procedures for more complex treatments all while creating comfortable appointments which helps patient’s experience less pain and swelling for a shorter recovery time. Furthermore, our latest technology aids in planning your treatments before your procedures are completed to ensure optimal and predictable results.

Convenient Dentistry is Our Goal

While having an in-house full mouth dental implant lab is convenient, it allows Dr. Domagala to create a more streamlined experience for every patient. Our patients enjoy the luxury of not having to go to different locations or wait weeks and weeks to be able to achieve their dental goals, instead they can come to one place to achieve their one goal, and do it in much less time.

Our dental lab allows us to offer reduced procedure times to patients as treatments are completed in-house, giving us full control over the entire treatment process from start to finish. This provides us the advantage to ensure the finished product looks exactly how it was designed and allows us to incorporate a personal touch for every smile as we create restorations and treatments tailored to our patients face shape, mouth and dental needs. No matter your dental concerns, Dr. Domagala and our state-of-the-art dental lab can craft healthy, beautiful smiles just for you!

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