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Max Kolonko

I was always very skeptical about teeth whitening because I heard when you start it, you have to keep doing it all the time, plus the teeth are so sensitive. My girlfriend had the Zoom whitening done last week and she looked so great. She convinced me to do it. With some hesitation, I decide to give it a shot… I went today to the office she recommended. They checked my teeth first to make sure I did not have any cavities. I was told by the dentist that my teeth were in a perfect condition and I was good to go with the whitening. The hygienist cleaned my teeth first and then she explained the steps and follow up care.
I had 3 sessions done, 15 minutes each. My teeth were a little bit sensitive but I was told that is normal and I got something to take home for sensitive teeth.
Wow, I am shocked with the results; I love my white teeth!!!
I would highly recommend that office: great location (I drove from Gurnee-20 min), free parking, convenient hours, and very friendly staff. The office itself was very clean and modern.