Major Dental Clinics

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David C

I cannot believe it took me this long to write a review of this practice. However, that does not change my position or opinion one iota.

Let me just being by stating the most significant point: Major Dental puts the “CARE” back into healthcare.

This is perhaps the very best possible place for a person who is worried about the unknown, pain, etc. to receive dental care, since everyone from the receptionist to the scheduler, the claims manager and the hygienists, all the way to Dr. Domagala, have done the very best dental work I have ever had. In my entire life. In addition, Dr. Daniel Domagala, who did all of my work, is very patient in explaining every procedure, and one of the best medical practitioners of any kind I have had the good fortune to be treated by, as he explained all the options, letting me ask all the questions I needed to until I was satisfied that the course of treatment was the best one for me and my goals. In a word: FABULOUS.

I first went to Major Dental when they were located on Major Avenue off Belmont, in 2011, for the replacement of several (7?) old amalgam fillings.
I could not believe the ease with which the work was done, and the extremely high level of expertise demonstrated by every single member of the Major Dental staff.

Are they friendly? I felt like an honored guest at all times.

Are they efficient? I could not believe that three visits was all that was required to provide me with seven brand new, shiny invisible fillings (made from some epoxy, no doubt). That includes removal of the old fillings, some drilling/scraping, and the initial and final applications.

Pain? FUGEDDABOUTIT. I do not enjoy the effect of drilling on bone, especially in my head. ALthough this was the most unpleasant part of my entire experience, it was certainly tolerable, and did I mention there was NO PAIN? EVER. Indeed, the most painful part of my visits to Major Dental were having to leave when the work was done. THAT is the kind of experience which words cannot adequately describe.
Even the injection of the pain medication was completely painless. I could not believe that dental work had risen to such a level of artistry, but Major Dental made me a believer, and they will make you a believer, too!

Oh, and one more thing. Like many of us, my insurance was not the greatest. After all, a great dental plan went the way of the dodo bird, right? But Major Dental was incredibly affordable, and they offer CareCredit plans, so don’t wait any longer, call Major Dental today and discover what may be the finest growing dental practice in Chicagoland.