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Bernadette Zalinski

From the smiling faces that greet you upon entering to the professionalism and attentiveness of the staff to the comfortable dental rooms with state of the art equipment and TVs on the ceiling, Major Dental Clinics of Chicago does not disappoint as an exceptional dental office! Going to the dentist was always such a chore for me due to painful experiences as a child. But, I am glad I finally found Dr. Daniel Domagala and a dental hygienist (Dominica) that pay utmost attention to my comfort and needs and help put my worries at ease. Ever since switching to Major Dental Clinics, I am religious about going for a cleaning every 6 months and now actually look forward to my appointment! I walk out smiling from ear to ear! I would and do recommend Major Dental Clinics to all my friends and family. Thank you Major Dental Clinic of Chicago for changing my attitude about “going to the dentist” and keeping my teeth clean and healthy!