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Bartholomew Grabowski

I have never been so comfortable going to a dental office. I had over 20 fillings done at Major Dental Clinics of Chicago and I can say I have never been so satisfied. I didn’t even know doctor was doing the fillings, that’s how comfortable I was. I almost fell asleep. The office is so state of the art! They have a crazy amount of amazing technology. I even had a shot without any pain! I also had 3 wisdom teeth taken out and that experience was unbelievably good. All my friends had to put under to get them out, but I was numbed, and they were out in less than 30 mins! Best part was that I was able to just walk out without feeling funny or any major post op problems my friends had.

Both doctors and all of the staff are very friendly and educated. The front office staff is easy to work with when it comes to scheduling, changing appointments, and financial planning. Both doctors were always very patient in explaining the procedures and educating me on my teeth treatment plans. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my treatment. I am currently undergoing orthodontic treatment at the office and will continue any future treatment with this practice. I highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a reliable, pain free, and state of the art dental practice. I’m a patient for life!