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Hello everybody! Ready for my story? Ok, here it comes. Before I met Dr. Domagala, I had a long history of visiting dentists back in Russia and here in Chicago. They were all good but something was always missing. Dentist, who took care of me right before Dr. Domagala, was doing implants to me and the results were awful! My front teeth ended up being so short that when I was smiling, you couldn’t see my teeth and trust me, it’s not a pretty picture!
The other huge issue was that my set of teeth was positioned the way that when I was speaking I was losing several sounds and people was going: what? What did you say? … Do I even have to say, how miserable I felt? I was constantly bugging my dentist to something about it, but he just ignored me. So, finally, after 5 years of feeling down, I went to see another dentist, Dr. Sergey Yurik , to see if he can help me. After consultation, Dr. Yurik told me that my case is too complicated and only 2 dentists can help me, they had to go to school for 3 years more than a regular dentists had; and they are extremely good! I went to the first one on the list and this is how I met Dr. Domagala!I liked friendly stuff, spacious beautiful office and the doctor! He has such an aura of confidence about him that my first thought was: this doctor definitely will be able to help me! And I was so right! After hearing my story, doctor’s first words were: “great! The harder the job – the better!” And he was so enthusiastic about it that for the first time I felt hopeful! Now, when the work is done, I could not be happier with the results! Dr. Domagala! Thank you very very much for the magnificent job you’ve done! For me, not hiding from cameras anymore and most of all for giving me my joy of life and confidence back! I wish I would meet you earlier in my life! It would have saved me from all the pain and disappointments I went through… and money! Thank you, my dear Dr. Domagala, for giving me my blissful life back! And Congratulations on gorgeous baby girl Maya!!! I wish your proud family all the best!!!! And more star babies to come!!!!