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Stanislawa Naumczyk

I had extractions of the lower teeth done. I also had all required work done for a 4 implant hybrid bridge and the upper dentures. Major Dental stood out because they are very professional and dedicated approach and service.  I would recommend this practice for its professionalism, great care, and friendly environment.


Margo Huston

I have always had bad teeth. I have not always gone to competent dentists. My mouth hurt in many places. Thus, Major Dental had a major challenge to provide me with the healthiest possible teeth. Major Dental first analyzed my teeth, then started repairing them, doing the worst ones first. I needed root canals and teeth replaced. All of the work was of the highest caliber. For me, going to Major Dental was really fun, if you can call going to the dentist fun. Best of all, my mouth doesn’t hurt anymore.

At all stages of the dental process, everyone working at Major Dental gave me the impression that they wanted to help me as much as possible to make the experience a positive one. They succeeded.

All the aspects of the office are up to date. I call the dentistry practiced there the best of old-fashioned dentistry combined with techno-dentistry. The equipment is the latest invented. I have full confidence in Major Dental because dentists who practice there also teach dentistry, including teaching other dentists how to use the up-to-the-minute equipment.

I don’t hesitate recommending Major Dental to all my friends and family. Everyone deserves the best available dental care and they will get it at Major Dental.


Vicki H.

I had dental implant and crown replacement done at Major Dental. Major Dental stands out because of the confidence in Dr. Domagala and success with work that was done. I recommended Major Dental because they have state of the art equipment and excellent professional service.



I had dentures made at Major Dental Clinics of Chicago. I was satisfied with the excellent dental work performed by Dr. Domagala. They also had a wonderful very helpful and understanding staff. I would recommend this practice because of their professionalism.


Piotr I

I had fillings, a cleaning and repaired a chipped tooth at Major Dental Clinics of Chicago. I love the massaging chair and the customer care at Major Dental. Of course I would recommend this practice because everyone from the front desk to billing made it a great visit every time.


Donald Mancini

I had a complete mouth lift – had all new 28 crowns placed. What made Major Dental stand out was their modern technology and their direct and swift approach. There was no down time; they did exactly what they said and MORE! I would definitely recommend this practice to others because it is extremely the best.


Fred H. Geisler

I had a full mouth reconstruction.  I am very satisfied with my experience at Major Dental because of the quality and efficiency of work.

David Chambers

Most, if not all of us feel a certain amount of ambivalence regarding a trip to the dentist. First we might tell ourselves we can wait a bit longer. Once our discomfort with our dental condition outweighs our fears relating to the experience of that trip, however, the time comes when we simply must go. I can honestly say that all of my visits to Major Dental, and every moment spent with Dr. Domagala and his frankly stellar crew, were more pleasant, pain-and worry-free than any other medical, or even hospital appointments and experiences I have had in 54 years.

I had treatment of several cavities, including the R&R of 7 old metal fillings, which were replaced by/with a clear resin-based formula. Cleaning and contouring of dental surfaces.

Everything they do is of the highest possible quality, from greeting all the way to billing and follow ups.

Improvement upon any dental experience seems impossible after Major Dental.

Antoni J.

I had All-On-4 Dental Implants done at Major Dental. Major Dental stood out because their practice is very professional, detail-oriented, dependable and reliable. They have very friendly personnel. Major Dental quickly responds to one’s matter or issue and high quality treatment is offered. I would recommend Major Dental to others because it exceeds one’s expectations, they have convenient hours of operation, flexible scheduling, and because of the courtesy of the personnel.

Anna W.

I had a cleaning and fillings done at Major Dental. Major Dental stood out due to its convenient location, quality of dental treatment, professionalism, and their friendly and courteous staff. I would recommend this practice to others because of their staff and their quality of dental services.

Zaia C.

Dr. Domagala restored my dental implants and delivered my dental crowns and night guard. I was very satisfied with my experience at Major Dental, with everything from A to Z. I would highly recommend this practice to everyone I know or even not know.

Deena C.

I love my Doctor and every person in my family is in love with Dr. D and his staff.

Marie H.

I had extractions, a partial denture, and crowns done at Major Dental by Dr. Daniel Domagala. I had excellent professional treatment and I am so confident in Dr. Domagala that I know he would please anyone. I can’t stop smiling! It’s so nice to have teeth that fit and to be able to chew food. It makes life easier. Dr. Domagala delivers to highest quality of work and my teeth are perfection.

Oksana T.

My treatment at Major Dental consisted of extractions, placement of two implants and receiving dentures. Major Dental stands out because of their friendly atmosphere. The doctor took enough time to explain procedures and complete my case to my satisfaction. I would recommend this practice to others because Dr. Domagala is thorough and the clinic is very friendly.

Peter B.

Extremely friendly staff. I cannot complain about anything. Thank you very much.

Malgorzata W.

I am a patient of Dr. Daniel Domagala for the past few months and I wholeheartedly recommend all of his services. He is a professional and expert in his field, who is dedicated to his work, honest and patient. He is a dentist you can count on, his heart lies with his patient’s happiness. Already after the first visit I knew I was in good hands. My teeth are not only beautifully crafted in shape, but also color. All of Dr. Domagala’s work is performed consistently and professionally. From his practice I felt comfortable in a family atmosphere and received the most beautiful smile, which adds to my charm and confidence! THANK YOU!



Dear friends, if you stumbled upon the page of Dr. Domagala, you are in “good hands”. He is a specialist with a capital “S”. My path to his clinic was very long. Since the insertion of the implants to my so-called final product, it’s been..10 years. Why so long? The dentist(I won’t mention his name)put in my Implants “crooked”. This resulted in a chain reaction. Nobody knew how to deal with the problem. I spent several years in various offices, but none of the dentists could help me. A year ago I came to Dr. Domagala. The first thing I learned is that, before inserting implants, one needs to have a concrete plan of what needs to be done. Dr. Domagala had a plan for me: a hybrid. Not only has he repaired the damage, he also did a splendid job of finishing the entire project. Today I am a very happy owner of teeth that I truly feel are my own. I would recommend Dr. Domagala to all, because not only is he an excellent professional, but also a great person.



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March 5, 2014

I have found precious few health care practitioners who demonstrate the ‘care’ in healthcare. Dr. Domagala is high on my list of those who consistently do so. His competence, efficiency and attention to detail are admirable, as is his thoroughness in making certain that patients are fully informed to the highest degree possible. His staff are just wonderful, treating patients like family, and they all seem to love their jobs and their work. I cannot recommend Major Dental and Dr. Domagala highly enough. I will be returning for all my dental needs.


Jan 30, 2014

I was seen by Dr. Daniel Domagala at Marquette University’s School of Dentistry where he serves as a faculty member in the Department of Prosthodontics one day a week. I am having an implant on tooth #9 and a veneer on tooth #8 that are being worked on by Dr. Domagala. Dr. Domagala’s compassion, attention to detail, patience, and skill level are second to none. I rarely give online reviews, but felt inclined to get online and recommend Dr. Domagala because he is a unique dentist that is a rare breed in the world of dentistry. Dr.Domagala only works one day a week at the School of Dentistry and only proctors residents, so if you want to be treated directly by him you need to see him at one of his offices. Regardless of where you live, making the trip to see Dr. Domagala is worth it. He is one of those dentists that went into the field for all the right reasons and has great interest in the outcome of all of his cases, even post-treatment.



Dec 27, 2013

I have just had my final visit for having two implants done by Dr. Domagala, and am thrilled with the perfect outcome! From start to finish, my experience with the entire staff could not have been better! Thank you to everyone at this Major Dental office.


Aug 29, 2013

I had 2 implants done at Major Dental, plus 6 crowns out of which 4 are in the front.The work came out so natural that no one knows I have crowns unless I tell them.Dr Domogala is very very good at what he does and he is very patient and friendly ( even with a high maintenance pt like me;). The office staff is amazing I love going to the dentist feels like I am amongst friends( who happen to take care of my teeth) i highly recommend this office !!! I am never going to another dentist ever.



Aug 27, 2013

Dr. Domagala is the best! He is a true professional with tremendous skill and knowledge and he is super nice!!! The staff is helpful and very pleasant! I highly reccomend this practice, it is state of the art!!!


Oct 7, 2012

Dr Daniel Domagala is one of the best dentists you can find. He is very knowledgeable and professional. I went to him to correct the job done by another dentist and he did a beautiful job. He was very patient with me and made sure that I was happy with the result. I strongly recommend him to others!

Oct 20, 2011

A had a big variety of work done at Major Dental including root canals, implants, and cleanings. What made Major Dental stand out is their big patience with me, their gentle work, and their kindness. Dr. Domagala did a great job and they make sure you feel no pain.

Patient Testimonials

I had extractions of the lower teeth done. I also had all required work done for a 4 implant hybrid bridge and the upper dentures. Major Dental stood out because they are very professional and dedicated approach and service. I would recommend this practice for its professionalism, great care, and friendly environment.

Stanislawa Naumczyk