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For New Patients

If you’re new to Major Dental Clinics, or are seeking prosthodontic, cosmetic or general dental care, you’ve come to the right place. Major Dental is a specialty dental practice dedicated to patients with complex dental needs. We combine excellent one-on-one patient care, with the latest dental technology, state of the art operating rooms, digital radiography, and onsite porcelain and denture laboratory.

Major Dental Clinics of is led by a Prosthodontist, a specialist in complete mouth rehabilitations using dental implants, crowns, bridges and dentures. Our General Dentist and Hygienists provide routine dental care, striving to meet all your dental needs under one roof.

Not only are we dedicated to treat patients with complex dental needs, we also provide a full range of dental services in the office. Because we are capable of keeping all procedures under one roof, we also eliminate having to deal with multiple doctors and bills.

Consult Review

Your First Visit

Consultations are complimentary and the best way to get an idea of what type of tooth replacement you may need.


Upon Arrival:

–          You will get a grand tour of the clinic and the laboratory

–          We will take high resolution photographs

–          You will have the chance to meet doctors and staff


What To Expect:         

–          The first visit is perhaps the most important because we can identify the patient’s needs and desires and link the patient with the right type of dentist or specialist. You will have the chance to discuss your dental and esthetic concerns in front of your photographs.

–          Presentations of patients with similar clinical situations will be made available. (Before and After photographs)

–          Stress free environment where there is no wrong questions


Duration: 30-60 minutes

Fee: no charge



What To Bring: Consultations can be very powerful learning tools for both patients and doctors. It is best to be prepared:

–          Medical/Dental History

–          X-rays (most current complete set or panoramic, no older than 2 years)



What if my dentist has my X-rays?

            We will be happy to contact your general dentist on your behalf. Some dentists charge a nominal fee and a signed release form to transfer your records. Please contact our treatment coordinator to help you get X-rays before your consultation visit.



What if I haven’t had X-rays?

            If no X-rays are available, all forms of X-rays including 3D Cat Scans can be made in our clinic at fee. Although X-rays are not required for a consultation, we find that assessment of patient’s situation is easier when X-rays are present.  


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Patient Testimonials

I had extractions of the lower teeth done. I also had all required work done for a 4 implant hybrid bridge and the upper dentures. Major Dental stood out because they are very professional and dedicated approach and service. I would recommend this practice for its professionalism, great care, and friendly environment.

Stanislawa Naumczyk