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A healthy and symmetrical gum line can have tremendous aesthetic effects on a patients smile and confidence.  A gum lift is a cosmetic procedure that is designed to reshape tissue and bone in order to sculpt the gum line. These patients may be happy to know that there is a beautiful smile hiding underneath their gums, and they are often surprised by the dramatic effects this simple procedure may have.

Apart from the aesthetic applications, gum lifts were originally used to prevent gum disease and for crown-lengthening. Crown-lengthening is a procedure that exposes more of the natural tooth and it is commonly used for the restoration of damaged teeth, cosmetic uses, and for dental crowns.

A gum lift is generally preformed with topical anesthetic and the length of the procedure depends on how much of gum needs to be treated. There are no stiches required and the results are almost immediate.  The procedure is not painful and the gum is not damaged from the procedure. Teeth will appear longer and the patient will have a more balanced smile in just one short visit.

If you ever feel self-conscious because of a gummy smile, or you are unhappy with the shape of your gums, Major Dental Clinicscan help. Schedule consultation and discover the confidence that comes with a great smile! Click here to schedule your consultation.