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Complete Reconstruction

One of the more comprehensive dental treatments available is the Complete Reconstruction. A Major Dental Clinics prosthodontist is a highly qualified dental professional that specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry. No matter what the patient’s condition, our prosthodontists can help plan and prepare the patient for a fully customized smile that fits our patients perfectly. These procedures may be complex, so be sure that you do adequate research to see what kind of dentist or specialist you are looking for. Click here for TIPS ON CHOOSING A DENTIST.



Complex dental problems require careful coordination of care by selected dental specialties.

If any of the following statements sound like they may apply to you, a complete dental reconstruction may be necessary:

  • Missing more than 6 teeth  in one arch
  • Teeth are worn broken chipped cracked
  • Collapsed bite
  • Problems chewing or speaking
  • Clicking or grating sounds in your jaw joints
  • Pain and soreness around jaw joints
  • Headaches and migraines
  • History of acid reflux disease
  • History of congenitally missing teeth
  • History of trauma
  • Looking to restore full function and aesthetics of teeth

A complete reconstruction or dental rehabilitation is recommended when all or most of your teeth are affected by cavities, large fillings, or severe wear.  When you schedule a consultation with one of our doctors, we will evaluate the health of your remaining teeth and create a treatment plan to restore your mouth to a proper level of dental health.  Usually this type of treatment includes crowns or caps on the remaining healthy teeth and sometimes bridges or dental implants to replace any missing teeth.

We can also use this type of treatment to vastly change the appearance of your teeth if so desired.  Many patients enjoy choosing a brighter shade for their new teeth in addition to the benefits of having healthy teeth and comfortable chewing. Click here to schedule a complimentary consultation.