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Tooth Colored Fillings

When it comes to fillings, nothing can beat the aesthetic qualities of tooth-colored composite resins. These acrylic and glass-like particles can be used to match the exact shade of the existing tooth, while providing durable, yet flexible support that is resistant to breakage. Major Dental Clinics utilizes the aesthetic qualities of tooth colored fillings in order to fill our patient’s cavities as if they were never there. They can even help replace old metal fillings for our patients.

Compared to classic metal and amalgam fillings, the aesthetic superiority of tooth colored fillings may be obvious. However, many patients are unaware that composite resins behave more like real teeth than their amalgam counterparts. This tooth-like behavior of resins means that they can handle the natural stresses of the mouth better than metal fillings. Although metal fillings are resistant to breakage, when force is applied to the fillings, they disperse the force to the tooth and, over time, the tooth may begin to develop small cracks. Bacteria fill these cracks and this contributes to further tooth decay.

With their unique mechanical properties and superior aesthetics, tooth color fillings are quickly becoming the “gold standard” in dentistry. The advanced technology at Major Dental Clinics has allowed our dentists to implement tooth colored composite resins into a number of procedures.

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