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Single Visit Crowns

What are crowns?

A crown is a dental restoration where a tooth or implant is completely covered, or “capped”, by a tooth shaped material. They are designed to restore form and function to the patient’s teeth, meaning they can improve the way the teeth work while making them aesthetically pleasing. It is important to research a dentist that has experience in the field of restorative dentistry, or prosthodontics. Our Major Dental Clinics prosthodontistsare highly qualified dental specialists who are experts in restorative and aesthetic dentistry. We utilize the most advanced technology to provide our patients with quality care. The CEREC system allows our dentists to design and place a complete porcelain crown in just a single visit. If you are considering having any restorative or aesthetic dental work done, click here to learn about our tips for choosing a cosmetic dentist.


Why might I need a crown?

Dental crowns have various indications that are based on the patient’s specific needs. In general, crowns may be necessary if you have any of the following:



What are the advantages of Single Visit Crowns?

When compared to traditional crowns, the Single Visit Crowns and the CEREC system save on time by completing an entire crown restoration in a single visit. Traditional crowns take at least 2 visits to complete. While the in-chair time is not significantly different between the two methods, completing the crown in a single visit saves the patient from making multiple appointments, driving to the office, and taking extra time out of their day or off of work.

Another advantage of Single Visits Crowns is that the CEREC system allows the crown is designed, milled, and placed in the same office, by the same dentist, on the same day. With an experienced dentist, this translates to a perfect fit for the patient and it guarantees a high quality material that is designed to last. By creating the crown in-office, this means that the crown was not sent over-seas, therefore saving on shipping and lab fees while lowering costs for the patient.


Is maintenance important?

Proper oral care and maintenance is known to be the strongest factor of crown and tooth longevity. It is up to the patient to brush and floss regularly. Regular appointments with the oral hygienist (about every 6 months) are also necessary in order to maintain the crown and teeth in proper health. After proper care and maintenance come factors like the materials used, the dentist’s skill, and so on.


Dental Materials

The CEREC uses high quality, tooth colored ceramic to restore your teeth to their natural form and function. The ceramic material is structurally similar to that of natural teeth, meaning that the ceramic material is just as hard, and yet, just as flexible as a natural tooth. By moving and bending with the natural teeth, the ceramic crown is less likely to break or cause damage to the surrounding teeth when compared to crowns with metallic materials.




Through the use of highly skilled dental specialists and advanced technology, Major Dental Clinics is able to provide our patients with complete porcelain crowns in a single visit. Click here to schedule a complimentary consultation.