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Dr. Daniel Domagala – Prosthodontist

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Dr. Domagala - Prosthodontist

Dr. Domagala – Prosthodontist

 Dr. Domagala holds a Certificate of Specialty in Prosthodontics and a Master of Science Degree in Implant Prosthetics from Marquette University School of Dentistry. Dr. Domagala completed his undergraduate education at the Medical University of Silesia.

After completing his national and regional dental boards, he attended a 3 year residency program in fixed and removable prosthodontics, implant and maxillofacial prosthetics at Marquette University School of Dentistry in Wisconsin. As a respected member of the Marquette University Dental School, Dr. Domagala was appointed there as an Adjunct Assistant Professor, where he continues to contribute to the field of dentistry through teaching and research.

He is a recipient of the MU Graduate Prosthodontics ScholarshipMU Research Day Award, and the American Prosthodontic Society Graduate Research Award. Dr. Domagala’s research on dental implans was supported by the Tylman Grant from the American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics and was distinguished by the Tylman First Prize Award in 2009.

Dr. Domagala was invited as a guest speaker at the national and regional level, and published his work in the most respected journals in the field of reconstructive dentistry. His clinical and research interests focus on implants and computer aided dental systems.


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I had extractions of the lower teeth done. I also had all required work done for a 4 implant hybrid bridge and the upper dentures. Major Dental stood out because they are very professional and dedicated approach and service. I would recommend this practice for its professionalism, great care, and friendly environment.

Stanislawa Naumczyk